Checklist: What to pack

How many times have you found in front of a suitcase to fill without knowing where to start? To prepare carefully a suitcase is not easy, especially if you are traveling by plane, when the size of your luggage must be reduced. The essential baggage, for each traveler, requires a basic list to be observed but it is clear that every kind of trip requires a specific baggage.

Before thinking about what should be put inside the case you should check the outside: a label with name and address will allow, in case of loss, to find your luggage more easily and also will make it easy to identify in crowded places such as airports and stations. The lock, often used as protection, is prohibited if you are traveling to the United States of Americ, the case must be checked at any time.

About the contents of the suitcase, however, the rules vary from person to person depending on the taste and style of each traveler. Do not undervalue the ability to match the garments that you choose because it is much more logical to choose clothes that lend themselves to more changes during the course of the holiday than garments which fall into our preferences, then remain unused with a waste of weight and space. Do not forget, for any trip, have a pair of flip flops for the shower and a small umbrella just in case.

There are those who decide to use, personal hygiene, a beauty case separate from the case and who, instead, want to leave a little space in the trolley for accessories. Unforgettable are the classic toothbrush, sunscreen in case of sea or mountains, brush, deodorant, manicure kit, all you need for makeup and shaving. At specialty stores you can find travelers packs in mini size, bubble bath, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste to take it all with you to save space in your suitcase. Remember: on the plane it is not permitted to carry tweezers, razors and scissors in hand luggage.

Always useful, on every trip, is a small first aid kit with anti-inflammatories, painkillers, antihistamines and a digital thermometer. Always useful (but prohibited for air travel) may be a small Swiss boxcutter and a sewing kit for travel small mishaps!

The case is the mirror of the traveler: neat or messy, overly full or essential, it is the starting point of our holiday and, as such, must be prepared with care and attention.