FAQ questions and answers

How do I register to MatchTrip?

Subscribing to MatchTrip is quick and easy. Choose your username and password, give a valid email address and specify your basic information such as your date of birth and the place where you live. You will receive an email from MatchTrip with confirmation of registration. Then, enter in your profile and click on "Travel preferences", you will be able to enter your information for a fully customized profile.

How do I write a review?

To write a review simply click on "Write a Review", where you will be asked whether you want to review a restaurant, a hotel or a place. After choosing a category, you must write the name of the place (or hotel or restaurant) and click on "Rate". Then you can start writing your review.

How do I follow the traveler profiles that interest me?

You can click on the profile of the person you are interested to, and then decide whether to click on "Friends" or "Followers" depending on the degree of knowledge you have with that person. Alternatively you can send a message to that person just by clicking on "New Post".

How do I add photos to my profile?

To upload photos of your travels, go to your profile and click on "Photos". Click on "Choose File" to select the file from your computer or from a list and upload the photo. At the end, click on "Finish" to end the operation.

How do I become a “MatchTrip Rater” member?

To become MatchTrip Rater you must actively participate in the community. Associate your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your profile, share lots of photos and write many reviews to be more visible position in the network. You will advance level from time to time until you become a MatchTrip Rater.

My email address and my date of birth are visible to all. How do I hide them?

Sign in MatchTrip and go to your profile. Click on the "Privacy" section and change the "Date of Birth" and "Email Address" click on "Do not show anyone" or "Show only to friends."

What is the travel affinity?

When you sign up MatchTrip you are asked to complete a profile with basic information about the kind of holiday you want. This detailed information will allow you to have a travel affinity with those who have expressed preferences similar to yours in your profile. Knowing if someone is related to you, allows you to meet people who share your interests, besides you will evaluate the comments and reviews to hotel facilities and hotel in the most appropriate way. A comment from a user who has your same needs, in fact, will be more useful than a comment posted by someone who has a different travel preferences.