How to find a hotel for your needs

Each of us dreams of a perfect holiday with a trip that will be able to meet all the expectations that we set before the start, but how can find the perfect hotel for us?

There are some simple rules to follow to be able to find suitable accommodation to us. First we have to decide what kind of structure we want to stay in: a hotel, residence or a bed and breakfast. There are different price ranges we can choose and the price is normally differs according to the services available to customers, the area where the hotel is located and its category.

For those traveling with very young children, for example, you should find the structures with a nursery service or, for those traveling with a dog, choose a hotel that allows access to pets and who has also a special area for our puppies. With regard to the category instead, the new regulations require that the stars classify the hotels according to specific criteria.

1-star hotels will have 12 hours to 24 hours reception, room-size of at least 14 square meters and the room cleanliness scheduled for once a day. 2-star hotels, as well as valid for the first star, will offer customers a restaurant or bar and lift. 3-star hotels provide for the reception 16 hours a day, bar service for half the day and at least one receptionist who speaks a foreign language. For the 4-and 5-star hotels amenities rise significantly, from valet parking to the facilities in the room as cable TV and mini bar, the reception is open 24 hours and there are 24 breakout rooms such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas.

The needs of every traveler will also vary depending on the time they will spend in the hotel because the extra services, such as relaxation room, spa, gym and outdoor space will surely be the most used by those who are not out during the day around the city. Every traveler, as well as every person has his own style, his character and personality and the choice of a hotel has to be an ideal environment in which to feel fully comfortable.

So pay attention to offers and promotions, but do not forget to also reflect on the kind of holiday you want to live!