Matchtrip overview

Matchtrip is a perfect mix between a social network and a website for travels. It does let its users to get information about travels, destinations, monuments, hotels and restaurants. Matchtrip uses a special system to delete any spam form through affinity calculations among users. Infact a spammer should have more than hundreds of profiles to reach a large amount of real users. At beginning, during sign up, new users have to answer some questions about their own personal preferences and about what kind of travels they usually look for.

A member can use their own page editing some photos, impressions, suggestions, questions. This will help Matchtrip system to get a better affinity among users. This affinity is a privilege. This affinity will let members to get first reviews and impressions from other members with the highest percentage of affinity.

Matchtrip then offers a very innovative system to travellers and to people who love to share their own travel experiences. Matchtrip let members to make a difference of friends and followers for an easier use of website.

Matchtrip have a special news for travel lovers. We give a great opportunity to our most attentive users to make a ‘travel’ career through our website. Users at beginning will be classified with the lowest ranking and called ‘lazy bone’.. through sharing more and more reviews ranking will go higher. When a user will get the maximum level can be send by Matchtrip to review a destination, a hotel or a restaurant for free. This is a ‘lovely’ career..

Be part of the largest travel community and become a real citizen of the world!