Why MatchTrip

The web offers many opportunities for those who want to gather information about a trip. From specialized sites to the photos of hotels available directly on the structures’ sites.

What you get with MatchTrip

MatchTrip, aware of the loss of time and energy that it takes to browse the web without any point of reference, aims to be the meeting point for all those who love to travel and who want to meet new people. Choosing MatchTrip offers you the chance, as in every community, to interact with users also through private messages, with the ability to make new friends who share a passion for travel.

A simple and intuitive navigation

More, on MatchTrip, unlike other travel sites, there is no risk of running into fake reviews because each user will have a complete and detailed profile, and to write fake reviews one should have hundreds of different profiles. The ease of use, both in completing your profile, and in reading the reviews of others is truly amazing! Furthermore with a search engine within the site, you just have to type the keyword of the place or hotel you are looking for to have detailed information on everything you need.

Prizes for you and privacy protected

In addition, for the first time on the web, a site/community travel also allows you to have major bonus for its continuous use! Learn how to increase your level and give yourself the chance to be chosen from thousands of users to write personalized reviews of hotels you will be visiting at no charge! If you love to travel, if you always want to discover new places, if you're curious about the most popular destinations for the holidays, then you must join our community! Choosing MatchTrip will be the solution to all problems related to the accuracy of the reviews online! You can trust the opinions of others, without any hesitation, guaranteeing a trip without any complications! Signing up is quick and easy with the assurance that your privacy is constantly respected through the filters that you can set since registration.

Choose MatchTrip because:

- It's easy to use and manage

- It's designed to provide you with the best of the web

- You can make new interesting friends

- At last you can travel safely!

- You can get bonuses for your travels

- You can check your privacy easily